Peak Spirits


CapRock® Colorado Organic Gin

A delightful blend of apples, juniper, roses, lavender & a few other gems


A blend of 12 different fruits, flowers, seeds, and spices infused in a base spirit made with certified organic Jonathan apples grown 5 miles down the road at Ela Family Farms and certified organic Romanian winter wheat distillate. Whole fresh and dried botanicals (never extracts or concentrates) are distilled all together in the final run, using the London method, slowly and under low steam pressure, to produce layers of clean, fresh aromas and flavors.

4 Stars, Spirits Journal
I put this right up there with the best of the New World Style.
– F. Paul Pacult

Available in 200ML, 750ML and 1L bottles

41% Alc.

USDA Certified Organic by Stellar (Demeter USA).